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Tanya Zakall

I loved this challenge! The simplicity and organization of the program itself made it so easy to follow along. Especially having to cook differently from my family. That has always been a challenge for me. Knowing what is on my menu ahead of time helped prepare me and nothing beats preparation!

My daughter is a very selective eater and she enjoyed taste testing some of the salad recipes! That's a huge win.

Also I'm not a big fan of working out but this program was fun to do and I actually look forward to it now! The workouts are short and sweet! I fell off the wagon a few times but I was so grateful to have the support through the program no matter what. We are not perfect but can strive for excellence 😊

Thank you for this opportunity to get on track with health and lifestyle Phillip and Indica! You guys RAWK!!

Tammy Blomsterberg

“Thank you Indica and Phillip for this incredible 30 day fit on raw challenge! I’m enjoying the recipes and just started doing the workouts and I love them. I love how I feel after the workouts and that I can do them with the equipment I already have or I’ve been able to make adjustments for the ones I don’t have. Thank you!

Catelyn Oliveras

“This is the first time that I have felt like a “diet” was sustainable. For the past two night I have been able to cook for my family and not crazily crave what they were eating and start to resent what’s on my plate. That is a HUGE win for me! The difference, I am not limited. I’m on day 4 and lost 7 pounds (something I am aiming to achieve), have more energy, feel motivated and am so happy.”

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