If you are ready to begin your raw vegan journey, this is just the place to start. These seasonal meal plans will provide you with many delicious recipes, examples of good fat, carb, protein ratios, meal orders, and meal sizes to help you thrive on a raw vegan lifestyle. All the recipes in these meal plans are simple and quick to make and will leave you feeling light and energetic. This e-book comes with both a 14 day raw vegan meal plan for spring/summer AND a 14 day raw vegan meal plan for fall/winter plus extra tips and information. 


The spring/summer meal plan:

The spring and summer meal plan is full of lots of delicious nice cream recipes, smoothie recipes, unique fruit recipes, light and refreshing savory dinners, and more. For each day the calories for the full days worth of eating are listed, as well as the carb, protein and fat ratios for the day. We have also presented how much calcium, iron, and protein you will be getting on each day as well. All of the recipes are simple and quick to make and will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated during the hot summer months. 


The fall/winter meal plan:

For the fall and winter meal plan, there are NO cold meals. No smoothies, nice creams or other meals that will leave you shivering during the cold months. What you will find instead are lots of unique fall/winter fruit recipes, dips, hearty raw soups, and comforting raw dinners. These meals will leave you feeling satisfied in the cold winter months but without the negative side effects that other foods can provide. Instead, you will remain light and energetic. 


These meal plans are low fat and average out to around 10% fat for each week. Almost all of the recipes are nut free. Each day is around 2000-2200 calories with simple tips on how to add in more calories if necessary for your body type or activity level. 


The recipes in these meal plans are simple, yet extremely delicious. The only kitchen equipment you will need for the recipes is a blender, knife and spiralizer.


We enjoyed making these meal plans for you and we know you are going to absolute love all of the delicious and satisfying recipes in these meal plans!


Seasonal raw vegan meal plans - 2 in 1!


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