Why we don't eat organic

Other than 'where do you get your protein?' and 'doesn't fruit have too much sugar?' the other most asked question I get is 'do you buy only organic?"

The short answer; NO! We do not buy any organic unless it is cheaper than the conventional alternative.

But why don't we buy organic, isn't it better for you?

First off, let me set this straight; Organic does NOT automatically mean spray/pesticide free. Massed produce, USDA organic is pretty relaxed on its regulations of what people can use as sprays and pesticides. A lot of these 'natural' pesticides that are used are often just as bad as the conventional alternative. Massed produced, USDA organic is a money making scam in my eyes.

I am in no way saying that I think pesticides/sprays are good for us or that you shouldn't try to avoid them. Spray/pesticide free is the absolute BEST! But, you're not going to find that at any grocery store or wholesaler. Your highest chance of finding pesticide free produce is at a farmers market or if you grow your own food.

Since we are going to be consuming sprays/pesticides whether we buy organic or conventional, we choose to currently save our money so that in the future we can turn our backyard into a huge garden and buy the rest of our produce from local farmers - that is our goal. But for the time being we are doing our best with what we can afford and have access to.

I have many people shame and judge me for my lack of organic produce, but I am not sure what they want my alternative to be. To eat processed/junk food that is also full of pesticides? Or try to buy all spray/pesticide free foods and eat 100 calories a day? I get extremely frustrated that so many try to push organic on others without realizing that organic is also full of pesticides. Again, organic does not automatically mean pesticide free, it just means that they use 'natural' pesticides. (Of course not all farmers, but if its massed produced, aka what you find in your local grocery store, there is a pretty high chance that its been grown with pesticides. Yes, even if labeled 'organic'.) It does no one any good to scare people away from fruits and vegetables because they are not able to afford pesticide free produce. Just do your best - that is all you can ask for!

If you're eating raw vegan/high raw even if your produce was grown with pesticides, you are still eating healthier than most. You are still doing a huge favor to your body. Its better than eating processed and hard to digest foods. On the plus side, if you are only consuming raw foods - your body will be able to handle and detox the pesticides from the produce easier than it could if you were eating anything processed or hard to digest. Again, just do your best and don't worry about what others think. Of course, try to move to the direction of spray/pesticide free produce, but if you are currently unable to do so, don't stress about it.

I want to mention just one more time that organic does NOT equal spray/pesticide free. If you're buying it from a grocery store, I can almost guarantee that its been grown with pesticides, even if labeled 'organic.' If you want pesticide free visit your local farms or grow your own produce. Otherwise, just do your best and don't worry about what others have to say. If you're eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables you are doing an amazing job and should be proud of yourself - especially since we live in a society where most eat processed and fast food for the majority of their meals. And one more thing, just because its not 'organic' does not make it GMO. GMO is only a few foods like beets, corn, zucchini and a couple others.

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