Two ingredient raw oatmeal! Vegan and gluten free

Oatmeal is thought of as a staple breakfast food among many, and it's a great vegan breakfast to have as well. There so many different ways to make it to suit each persons taste preferences. But oatmeal is not raw, and it can never be truly raw because the oats are cooked during their forming process. That is where this extremely simple but delicious raw oatmeal recipe comes in!

All you need for this recipe is equal parts banana and apple. So if you're using 2 cups of chopped banana, use 2 cups chopped of apple. We recommend using around 3-4 cups of each for the best results. Next you will place your apples and bananas into a food processor or blender, and pulse blend until the banana and apples are finely chopped up, but not smooth, you want their to be texture, similar to that of cooked oatmeal. Then you pour into a bowl and enjoy! You can modify this recipe any way you like by adding in some blueberries, strawberries or some cinnamon. You could use pears instead of bananas or if you're not worried about mixing sweet fruits with fats, you could add in some almond butter. The combinations are endless. We hope you enjoy this extremely simple but extremely delicious recipe!


3-4 cups of chopped banana

3-4 cups of chopped apple


Place bananas and apples into a blender or a food processor and pulse blend until the apples and bananas are finely chopped up, but not smooth. You want to keep some texture, similar to that of cooked oatmeal. Pour into a bowl and enjoy!

Raw oatmeal!

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