Transitioning to a raw vegan diet - The Whys and Hows.

Updated: May 26, 2019

Transitioning to a raw vegan diet can be easier on your body and mind VS jumping right in 100% right away. What are some of the benefits of transitioning to a raw vegan diet?

1. Slows detox: Transitioning to a raw vegan diet can help slow your detox down to a point that is more manageable. Not everyone will suffer from intense detox but some do, and not everyone is in a situation where they are able to take off from work or halt their responsibilities until detox gets better. The only way to know if detox is going to be intense for you is to try 100% raw and see how it goes. It really is different for everyone and theres no way for me to tell you how detox will go for you. Some can be full of dis-ease and not have a single second of detox symptoms and some can feel fine prior to a raw foods diet and have weeks of intense detox symptoms. You won't know what it will be like for you until you try it for yourself. That being said, if you do find that detox is too much for you, transitioning can be a great alternative to help you slowly get into a raw vegan diet.

2. Mentally easier: Transitioning can make the mental aspect of eating a raw vegan diet easier. Heavy, processed and cooked food can cause a numbing feeling when it comes to feeling our hard to process emotions. This means that when we switch to a raw foods lifestyle, specifically one high in fruit, we are forced to deal with these intense emotions all at once. This can be difficult for a lot of people but transitioning can help you slowly get used to no longer using any sort of unhealthy crutch/numbing your feelings. By transitioning you can slowly work through what it is that you need to worn on so that the feelings a raw diet can bring up will be mentally easier on you.

3. Lessens cravings: Cutting out all addicting foods cold turkey can certainly bring up a lot of really intense cravings all at once. When you transition you can lessen these cravings to a manageable point and can then work on getting rid of the foods that do not make you feel good one at a time until they are all out of your life. Some people do better with cutting everything out all at once and some need to take their time, so if you need to take more time, do so! It can cause less stress and resentment around a raw foods diet.

4. Get your taste buds used to raw foods: For the most of us, our tastebuds really need time to change and get used to simple foods. Going 100% into raw overnight can be difficult for a lot of people because they are used to salty, fatty, processed and overly flavored foods so the simple taste of raw foods is not appealing at first. When our taste buds get time to change we can start to enjoy the flavors of raw fruits and vegetables for what they are - and really enjoy them! But before our taste buds get the time to adjust, it can make eating raw difficult for a lot of people because they don't yet like the food they are eating. Thats where transitioning comes into play because then you can still have foods that give you a little more of the flavor profiles that you are used to while also adjusting your taste buds to the taste of more raw foods.

There are so many other benefits of transitioning into a raw foods diet - but those are the top four benefits.

So how do you transition into a raw vegan diet? There are many different ways that you can transition and I will outline them below:

1. Start with some cooked days and some raw days: You can transition by following a schedule of 3-4 days of cooked food and then 2-3 days of raw foods, slowly you will start to cut down the number of cooked days and up the number of raw days until you have nothing but raw days!

2. Start out with 1 raw meal a day and add more over time: When first starting to transition you can begin with just 1 raw meal a day, preferably breakfast. Then after 2 weeks or so of one raw meal a day, you can then add in two raw meals for a few more weeks, and then continue to follow a schedule like that until all of your meals are raw.

3. Slowly add in more raw meals as you see fit: Some may need an even slower transition and to do that you can add in a few raw meals a week and up the number each week. At first this may be only 2-3 raw meals a week for a couple weeks, and then maybe 5-6, and then 8-10 and so on. If you need to take your time and learn everything you need to know about a raw foods lifestyle then take your time - it's a journey not a race!

4. Join our 7 Days to Raw program that comes complete with a transitional meal plan, raw success guide, live coaching videos and so much more! Join here:

What kind of cooked food should I eat while I transition?

While it certainly is up to you what kind of cooked food to eat while transitioning to a raw vegan diet, I highly recommend keeping it simple. Try and stick to whole, plant based foods like beans, legumes, grains, starches, vegetables and fruits. If you need to transition to a whole foods plant based diet from a highly processed diet - you can do so by following the same guidelines as above.


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