Our emotional attachment to food, how it's​ killing us and how to move past it.

We as a whole society place a lot of emotional attachment to food. Whether it is because of tradition, memories or culture, it all has a negative affect on our health. I understand that food runs deep in peoples blood, culture and tradition and taking away something that they think is such an important part of them can be really upsetting. I get this, and I am in no way trying to be dismissive of others cultures and traditions. But if we want to be healthy, for our families to be healthy and the future generations to be healthy, we must change the way that we think about food.

Food is not who we are, food is a source of fuel and nutrition, but it is not who we are. Food is not a friend to come home to at the end of a hard day and it is not entertainment. When we think of a meal that we grew up on and runs in our family, it makes us feel comforted and happy, regardless of the damage this meal might do to our health. There are too many people in this world who will not budge on letting go of unhealthy food simply because they feel it is a part of their culture or a part of their childhood. They wouldn't know who there were without this food even though the food is slowly killing them and setting up their family for a life full of disease and sickness. The emotional attachment they have to food is so strong that no matter what stands in their way, they can not stand to think of letting it go.

Have you ever felt angry or sad at the thought of never eating a specific meal ever again? Why is this? Would your life really change in a negative way if you didn't eat that food ever again?

Most of the times the foods that people are the most attached to are the worst for their body. High in fat, salt, meat, dairy products, processed carbs and more. These foods are not only the worst for the body, but they are also the most addicting. These foods are causing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and so much more. They are causing so many to lose their loved ones way before they should be. Is food and our emotional attachment to it really worth all of that? Or would you rather change the way you eat and be able to feel amazing, set a good example for your family and create new traditions and habits?

How do you go about moving past this emotional attachment to food?

1. Realize that the food does not make you, your culture and your family. Your memories, the love you share and the moments you create with each other are what make you. Taking away a specific food from that scenario doesn't change who you are.

2. Replace the food(s) you hold an emotional/cultural attachment to with healthier options. Recreate whole, plant based versions of your favorite meals and bring them to all of your family gatherings. Show them that you can eat food that is good for you and enjoy it!

3. Start having family gathers and friend get togethers that do not revolve around food. You can create so many amazing memories with your loved ones without food being the center of attention. Bowling, hiking, game nights, movies, just sitting around talking and more are great alternatives to having breakfast, lunch or dinner together. I am sure you would be surprised at how much fun you can have when you're not so focused on making food, eating it and then dealing with the food coma that comes after.

4. Learn more about who you are outside of food.

5. Learn how to create happiness and comfort within you instead of looking to outside sources like food.

Thank you for reading, what are your thoughts on emotional attachment to food? Do you think that they are good or bad?

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