Is eating a large fruit meal the same as binge eating?

Last week someone told me that I have in fact not overcome my binge eating disorder like I claim, because I "still binge eat on fruit". Their reasoning was that because I consume large fruit meals, that I am in fact still binge eating. I found this quite ridiculous and it's actually not the first time I have heard someone say that raw vegans 'binge' on fruit, so I was inspired to write this blog post.

First things first, eating when you're hungry until you're full is NOT binge eating, no matter how many calories were consumed. We all have different caloric needs based off of how much we weigh, how active we are, if one is breastfeeding or pregnant, etc. A meal for one person could be considered a snack to another person. This means that you can not determine what is a binge meal based off of the amount of calories consumed. I always eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full, and yes, sometimes this is 1000 calories as I am incredibly active and currently breastfeeding. A binge episode is when someone eats past fullness, usually in extreme.

The next topic I want to touch on is how fruit is nearly impossible to binge on. It does not have the same chemical components to it that certain other food does that override your 'I'm full' signals in your body. This means that when eating fruit you will get to the point where you feel full and have the desire to stop eating. Fruit also does not emotionally suppress like other food does. Fruit is not full of salt, fat, processed sugar and other emotionally and physically numbing components. Fruit digests so fast that once it is eaten, you immediately feel quick and light on your feet. Not like when you eat a heavy and emotionally numbing meal that leaves you in a food coma for hours. In my personal opinion it is hard, if not impossible, to truly binge on fruit. It is so hydrating, balanced and quick to digest that it will never give you that heavy and suppressed feeling. It may be possible if consuming a lot of dates, dried fruit or fat mixed with the fruit.

Of course you can still emotionally eat on fruit. Your intention behind eating is incredibly important and even if its fruit, if you're eating to try and help you deal with an intense emotion, it's still not a healthy intention. But you will be 'let down' in a sense when you realize that fruit is not going to cover up your emotions like other food does. You will still feel what it is that you were trying to hide from and it will have to be dealt with. It might be a little hard to explain what I am trying to say if you have never experienced it, but fruit just does not numb you the way that other food can. It doesn't emotionally suppress, it doesn't trigger an intense addiction and it doesn't leave you in a food coma. Someone in a facebook group that I am a part of posted this on one of their photos and it always stuck with me: "When you eat raw, everything in your life that's not working will show up and be amplified, be it internal (negative emotions) or external (dissatisfying life situations). You have to fix it. Otherwise, you will struggle to stay raw. :) " I wish I could remember who it was so that I could put their name, but it really is so true. Fruit is just not emotionally suppressing!

So no, eating large fruit meals is not the same as binging. Of course, if you're forcing yourself to eat past fullness, no matter what the food is, it can be considered binge eating, but it's just so different when eating fruit vs other foods, specifically processed food. But just because one eats when they are hungry until they are full, even if it is considered a large meal, it is not binge eating. Another thing to note is that fruit is lower in calories per volume. So a giant bowl of mangos may seem to you like a insane amount of food, but can be the same amount of calories as a couple cups of rice. Because of fruits high water content, it takes more volume to get the same amount of calories as most cooked food, specifically grains, starch, nuts/seeds, meat and dairy.

Thanks for reading my ramblings of today and I hope that you get something from it. Please comment with your opinions of todays blog.

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