How to buy produce in bulk

Buying produce in bulk is an amazing way to save money on a raw vegan diet but the idea can be intimidating and confusing. There is not a lot of information out there on how to go about buying produce in bulk which is exactly why we are putting this together for you! We are going to go into detail about how you can begin to buy your produce in bulk so you can save money and have an abundance of produce.

Step #1: Find a wholesaler near you. You can go about finding a wholesaler near you by googling 'produce wholesaler (city and state you live in.)' If you are unable to find any via google, you can go around to your local grocery stores and ask for the name and number of their wholesale produce supplier.

Step #2: Once you have found all the wholesalers in your area you can begin to call around to each one of them. When you call you will want to first ask if they will sell to people who are not a part of a businesses. Offering to pick up at their location to make things easier for them will help you in this part, and you can also explain your situation to them so they can get an understanding of why you want to buy wholesale. Once you have figured out whether or not they will sell to you, you can ask them to email you their price list. Now this price list that they send you will be always change either daily or weekly, as the prices of produce change on a daily basis, but you will still want to get a price list sent to you so you can get a basic understanding of how much their produce costs. This is especially important if you are able to find multiple wholesalers as you can now compare them to each other and see which ones have the best deals. Another great question to ask them is if they will ever sell you their ripe produce for a discount instead of throwing it away, this can be an incredible way to save money and since ripe fruit is better than none-ripe fruit, its an all around win-win!

Step #3: Put in your order with them (most places will want you to put in your order at least the day before you expect to pick up the produce) and pick up your produce! The way that this works will be different depending on how the wholesaler you have chosen works. Each one is different and will have different ways of providing you with your order, taking payment and more. Some wholesalers you are able to go in and pick what you want like a grocery store and some you have to put in your order ahead of time, but you will find out how yours works once you have called and talked to them. For some wholesalers you will need to call or email them every time you want to order more food and ask for their price list so you can know what it is they have and the price of everything. This means that what you buy might be different every week depending on their availability and price.

Asking questions about how their specific business works so that you can get a good understanding of how to go about everything is an amazing way to figure it all out! I have found that when you are nice and polite, people are always more than happy to you help you out.

It can be extremely simple to find a wholesaler near you, it just requires a little bit of work and calling around to find one that fits you and your needs. Some people may need to drive up to an hour to get to a wholesaler, but if that is an option for you it is worth it because of all the money you will save! If you are picking up your produce from the wholesaler always make sure to check everything before you leave so that it is the quality that you desire.

But what if I can't find any wholesalers near me?

If you are not able to find any wholesalers near you, you can always buy your produce in bulk is from your local grocery stores. Most grocery stores will sell you full cases of their produce if you just ask someone in their produce department. Now, this way does not always save you money, but some grocery stores like Sprouts will give you a case discount. But a way to make this way more money efficient is to buy cases of produce when your grocery store is having a really good deal on something. Of course, you could just buy it not in a case, but cases are easier to manage than 10 plastic bags filled with the fruit and you are making sure that the produce you are buying is on sale and at a good price instead of buying more of the produce that is not on sale and more expensive.

We hope that this helps you out and makes buying produce in bulk easier and less intimidating for you! Buying in bulk helps us out tremendously and we know it will for you too.

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