Does moderation help with binge eating?

When it comes to food addiction and binge eating one tip you will hear a lot is to eat junk food or your trigger foods in moderation instead of cutting it/them out completely so you don't end up bingeing on them. Some will say the reasoning behind this is because 'depriving' yourself of a certain food or food group will lead to intense bingeing once you do start to eat it. I do not agree with this tactic at all. I have found that keeping addicting and unhealthy foods in one's diet will only keep the addiction and binge eating problem alive. You must cut out what is causing the addiction and binge eating in order to fully recover.

Highly processed, fat-laden and chemically altered foods are physically and emotionally addicting. Some even cause the same chemical response in our bodies as cocaine does, which means that the more you have it, the more you want. These foods create a response in our bodies to want more, more and more and the only way to end that response it to cut off what is causing it. As a society we have an emotional relationship with food and the thought of cutting out foods that we grew up on or that are family traditions can cause an intense, even angry response. But it is this unhealthy relationship to food that is causing us as a whole to become so unhealthy.

If you had a friendship with someone where every time you hung out with them things were great for the first 5-10 minutes, but then they ended up punching you in the gut leaving you with pain for hours or even days, wouldn't you want to cut off this friendship? No matter how incredible those first 5-10 minutes of hanging out were, the gut-wrenching pain they would leave you in would not be worth it. You must start thinking of food like products the same way. Sure, that bag of chips or hamburger might taste good for 5-10 minutes, but they will leave you in physical pain and potentially even cause debilitating disease down the road.

I am sure you have heard people say that in order to be truly happy, you must let go of toxic relationships in your life, no matter who those people are. The same goes for food; you must let go of these toxic foods no matter what they are and the emotional ties you have to them if you want to live your healthiest and best life. Our emotional connection to food that causes us physical harm and disease, is holding us back.

So to get back to what I was talking about before, no, eating addicting, processed and chemical laden food in moderation is not going to help your binge eating. The more you have of these foods, the more you will want. No one goes up to an alcoholic and tells them that the cure to their addiction is to just drink 1 glass of wine every night instead of multiple bottles because we all know that even a little bit can set someone off the edge and back into addiction. The same goes for food addiction, eating just a little bit can cause a downward spiral back into binge eating and addiction. It isn't until one eliminates the addicting and unhealthy foods from their life that they will be able to truly recover. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Life should be about abundance! Abundance of happiness, abundance of healthy and nourishing foods and an abundance of vitality. Abundance of fruits, vegetables, self-love, and community is the answer to this incredibly serious problem that is killing hundreds of people every day. Let's start to change the way the world views food addiction one person at a time. Thank you for reading - Indica Henderson


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