Disposable vs Cloth Diapers - Our experienc

  I have had a few questions about what we like about cloth diapers and out favorite ones to use as well and recently our dryer broke for around a week so we were stuck using disposable diapers during that time. I thought this would be the perfect time to make a blog post about what it is we like about cloth diapers since we had the opportunity to see the pros and cons of both sides. 

Cloth diaper pros:

  • More absorbent

  • No poopy blowouts in cloth diapers

  • Save money in the long run

  • Super cute

  • Less pollution/waste

  • No diaper rash

  • Feels better on skin

Cloth diaper cons:

  • Big initial cost

  • Have to wash frequently

  • Can be annoying when out and about 

Disposable diaper pros:

  • Faster to get on and off

  • No washing

  • Easy when out and about 

Disposable diaper cons:

  • Huge long term cost

  • Can cause diaper rash

  • Can have poopy blowouts

  • Less absorbent 

  • Creates a lot of waste - about 18 billion disposables in landfills a year

      In some ways people think that disposable diapers are easier and more convenient, but I did not find that to be true. They cost a lot of money, create a lot of waste and a lot of blowouts happens when she was wearing disposables - which meant a lot more cleanup and outfit changes. The initial cost for cloth diapers may seem huge, but in just one year you can end up spending around $1500-2500 for disposable diapers, vs maybe $300-600 for a one time payment for cloth diapers. There are people online always selling their cloth diapers for cheap and you may be able to find used ones at a local cloth diaper store. I was very excited to get our dryer fixed so that we could start using our cloth diapers again. Olive was starting to get a rash from the disposable diapers, she never seemed to stay dry and we were having poopy blowouts once a day. Its super easy to just throw all the diapers in the wash and dryer once a day and be set! When out and about you can bring a bag to put the dirty cloth diapers in, or you can always use disposable diapers just when you are out. So of course, cloth diapers win! They are better for your wallet, the environment and your little one. 

       What cloth diapers do we like best? For newborn we loved the bumgenius all in one newborn diapers. I know that some cloth diapers stores have newborn diaper rentals so that you don't have to put down a lot of money for diapers that will be grown out of quickly. Now that Olive weighs 14 pounds and has grown out of the newborn diapers, we love the one size pocket diapers, our favorites are the ones from bumgenius and fuzzy bun. 


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