7 day crash course

Intro to Raw

Are you ready to kickstart your health and add more raw, vibrant foods into your life?

This 7-day intro to raw crash course will provide you with the most important knowledge and information you need to know in order to successfully and correctly add more raw foods into your diet.

What is included?


7 Day Raw Meal Plan: You will receive a beautifully laid out 7-day meal plan that will feature over 21 delicious and exclusive raw vegan recipes. These meals will be affordable and all ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. The meal plan also comes with a grocery list as well.


7 Bonus Recipes: Also included are 7 extra raw vegan recipes to enjoy! These recipes are completely exclusive to this course. 


7 pre-recorded webinars: Included in this course are 7 webinar style videos where we will cover specific topics concerning a raw lifestyle. These videos go in-depth about important information you need to know to in order to succeed on this lifestyle. We will discuss many topics such as why to eat more raw foods, how to transition to raw, why low fat, what and how much to eat, most common obstacles faced on a raw diet and how to avoid or overcome them, cravings, food addiction, binge eating, meal planning/prep, eating raw on a budget, eating raw on the go and so much more! Each video will be about 15-30 minutes long. 


Bonus video: You will also receive a bonus video where will talk about how to turn a raw diet into a lifestyle that works for you and your life so you can succeed long term. 


Extra motivation and support: Every day for the 7 days of this course you will receive a check-in email to see if you have any questions along with extra motivation, support, information and more to ensure you get the most out of this crash course.


The course starts on May 13th
Registration ends on May 8th
Meal plan and videos will be sent out via email on May 8th.

Price: $35
Early bird special
Sign up before April 23rd and receive 25% off

During this 7-Day Crash Course you will learn:
Why you should eat a raw/high raw diet

How to transition to raw from any diet
What to eat

How much to eat

Why you should eat low fat
How the sugar in fruit is different from processed sugar

How to meet your protein needs on a raw diet
Supplements you should be taking
How to overcome and prevent deficiencies

How to eat raw on a budget
Meal prepping for all lifestyles
Eating raw on the go
How to overcome binge eating and food addiction
How to turn raw into a lifestyle
And more!



What people are saying about our services

 I want to thank you Indica and Phillip for taking your time to help others get started in this raw vegan lifestyle, what you do is so important and can change the world in such a positive way. Seriously, thank you so much for being there every step of the way supporting us in this journey! It makes everything so much fluid and stress-free.

Mariana Salamanca

I've tried to go raw so many times, but the amount of help, advice, and support you two have given us makes me want to continue. Having support along this journey has been critical and you two have gone above and beyond to provide that. I could never thank you enough. You have given me energy back that I haven't had in over a year. When I was struggling with the dinners you gave me suggestions which helped me succeed. It's obvious you two truly care about helping people.

Jennifer Matta

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