30 Day Raw Food and Fitness Challenge
This 30 Day Challenge can help you..

Get to your healthy weight (and stay there) in a sustainable, and enjoyable way without the use of restriction, yo-yo dieting or weird pills and potions.

Get fit anywhere, at any level, without spending hours in the gym or taking any expensive protein powders.

Sustain your results long term while eating an abundance of delicious and nourishing raw vegan foods. 

Fully enjoy a raw vegan diet, feel satisfied with your meals, and learn how to make delicious, yet incredibly easy raw vegan recipes.

Attain high levels of energy, health, mental clarity, and flawless digestion.

Learn all the ins and outs of a raw vegan diet so you can succeed long-term and feel your best.

Create a new lifestyle based around health and fitness that meets your needs, life, goals and budget!

Get the daily guidance and support you deserve that will help you reach your goals. 

Here is what you get when you sign up!

 30-day raw vegan meal plan with 90 delicious, and simple raw vegan recipes that anyone can make. 

Weekly grocery lists to make shopping a breeze!

22 circuit style workouts for all fitness levels with follow-along workout videos included.

30 pre-recorded coaching videos with both Indica and Phillip that cover all the important information you need to know to succeed. 

Access to a private Fit on Raw facebook support group where we provide daily guidance, support, coaching, and motivation.  

Daily affirmations based around health, self-love, and fitness.

1-3 simple and doable self-care tasks to do each day to increase your confidence, happiness, and self-love.

Immediately after you purchase you will receive a link to download the Fit on Raw Ebook (that is yours to keep forever) that contains all the information and links needed for this challenge.

Start date: March 1st
Sign-ups close: February 29th

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Early bird special: $49.50

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Tanya Zakall

I loved this challenge! The simplicity and organization of the program itself made it so easy to follow along. Especially having to cook differently from my family. That has always been a challenge for me. Knowing what is on my menu ahead of time helped prepare me and nothing beats preparation!

My daughter is a very selective eater and she enjoyed taste testing some of the salad recipes! That's a huge win.

Also I'm not a big fan of working out but this program was fun to do and I actually look forward to it now! The workouts are short and sweet! I fell off the wagon a few times but I was so grateful to have the support through the program no matter what. We are not perfect but can strive for excellence 😊

Thank you for this opportunity to get on track with health and lifestyle Phillip and Indica! You guys RAWK!!

Tammy Blomsterberg

“Thank you Indica and Phillip for this incredible 30 day fit on raw challenge! I’m enjoying the recipes and just started doing the workouts and I love them. I love how I feel after the workouts and that I can do them with the equipment I already have or I’ve been able to make adjustments for the ones I don’t have. Thank you!

Catelyn Oliveras

“This is the first time that I have felt like a “diet” was sustainable. For the past two night I have been able to cook for my family and not crazily crave what they were eating and start to resent what’s on my plate. That is a HUGE win for me! The difference, I am not limited. I’m on day 4 and lost 7 pounds (something I am aiming to achieve), have more energy, feel motivated and am so happy.”

More than just a recipe book

This 30 Day Challenge is about more than just recipes and workouts, it is about supplying you with all of the information and support necessary for your long term success. We believe the key to sustaining a diet high in raw foods is about more than just knowing what to eat. It is about learning the proper information around this lifestyle, working on your emotional health, having support/guidance and more. That is why this 30 Day Challenge comes with daily coaching videos, private coaching, daily self-care tasks, affirmations, and more! We are dedicated to your success on this lifestyle, and we want to make sure that you consistently feel your best each and every day. 

Some of the delicious meals included in the 30 Day Meal Plan!

*Medical Disclaimer*

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