Plant Eats for Healthy Kids 

This recipe ebook contains over 25 delicious raw and cooked plant-based recipes that are kid tested and approved! All recipes are free from oil, nuts, and gluten but not lacking in any flavor. Both kids and adults alike will enjoy these incredibly healthy plant-based recipes that are also inexpensive and easy to make. Recipes include spaghetti squash mac n cheese, pizza bites, queso, fruit cereal and more!

Seasonal raw vegan meal plans

This ebook comes with a 14 day spring/summer raw vegan meal plan a 14 day fall/winter raw vegan meal plan along with daily calorie/macro breakdowns, daily grocery lists and extra tips/information. The meal plans in this e-book include tons of delicious, yet simple raw vegan recipes. The calories are around 2000 per day and each day you meet your nutritional needs. The only kitchen equipment you will need for these meal plans is a blender and spiralizer. 

Raw Simplicity

This ebook is a 7 day smoothie and salad meal plan feature 14 delicious smoothie recipes and 7 salad/ salad dressing recipes and a grocery list. Eating raw doesn't have to be complicated or expensive and that is what this ebook is all about; simplicity! The only kitchen equipment needed for this ebook is a blender. No fancy ingredients, crazy powders or weird kitchen equipment needed. Not to mention, all recipes take less than 10 minutes to make, what could be better than that?

Finding Food Freedom

This ebook is about how you can overcome binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction in 6 powerful steps. I, Indica, used to suffer from severe food addiction and binge eating and it was by applying these 6 steps into my life that I was able to overcome and find food freedom. This ebook will help you be able to get to a point where you no longer constantly obsess and worry about food and can focus on other parts of your life that will help bring you more fulfillment and happiness. This ebook has helped many people already, and you could be next!

The Raw Effect

If you are ready to sustain weight loss, gain muscle and overcome obstacles while eating a raw foods diet, this is the ebook for you! In this ebook you will learn how I, Phillip, was able to lose over 250 pounds on a plant-based diet, gain muscle and become a healthier and better version of myself. In this ebook I will also provide you with meal examples, extra tips, motivation and more! 


*Medical Disclaimer*

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