Our mission is to help inspire greatness, health and fitness in others. We want to help create a more vibrant, healthy and beautiful world for others, our children and the future generations. We believe in the healing powers of fruits and vegetables and we want others to be able to experience how incredible they can feel eating a diet full of vibrant, living and whole foods. We have both seen first hand what eating this way can do for the body, mind and our health and we are extremely passionate about helping others see what it can do for them as well. 

Our Team
Phillip Henderson, CEO

Instagram; @Thechocolatevegan

Indica Henderson, CEO

Instagram: @Indica.henderson

Phillip Henderson is a father of two boys and a baby girl. Chris, who is currently 9 and Phillip Jr, who is 5 and Olive. In 2013 Phillip weighed over 450 pounds. He describes himself as being lazy, out of shape, tired, having constant aches and pains, and the worst of it all he says is that he was becoming a terrible role model for his family. He finally became sick of not feeling in control of his life and letting his sons see his unhealthy lifestyle take over every aspect of who he was. One day he decided to talk with his sister Marquita and her husband about veganism and to learn more about how he could improve his life. That is the day that his life changed forever. He never realized how much of an impact consuming meat and animal products make on the environment, our health or even how cruel animals are being treated for the food on our plates. The next morning without any hesitation he threw out all animal products and became a vegan overnight. During the first 3 months of not eating animal products, he dropped a total of 60 pounds! At this point, Phillip was so amazed and shocked by his results that he knew he would never go back to eating animal products. He knew that his body, mind, and children were drastically benefiting from his change. After just 10 months he lost over 200 pounds and his body finally felt amazing! This lifestyle truly saved Phillips life and the countless number of animals lives as well.

               Phillip now lives a 100% raw vegan lifestyle with loads of fresh fruits and salads. He finds that raw foods fuel his body and mind the best and make him feel better than he ever has. Raw plant-based foods mixed with a vegan lifestyle have now become one of Phillips main passions in life. Now with his new understanding of life and compassion, his kids aren't only healthier and full of love they are also voluntarily vegan and no longer want to participate in the consumption of any animal products. Since changing what he and his children eat their lives have improved dramatically. His two boys ask for smoothies or fruit instead of burgers or chips. Phillip finally has the energy to be able to take them to the park, wrestle, play and just overall have fun with his two incredibly active boys. And most importantly he is now an amazing role model to his children on how to live a healthy, active and compassionate lifestyle. By influencing his children he can spread the information to even more youth of today's generation about the importance of what we put on our plate by letting his two boys be influencers to their friends and surrounding peers. He hopes that he can inspire more to make healthier, kinder and better decisions when it comes to what we feed ourselves and our children.

Phillip is also a health and fitness coach who specializes in veganism and raw foods with an emphasis on losing fat and putting on muscle! With his years of learning and personal experience, he feels more than confident in his ability to help others change their lives around as well. 

    Indica Henderson is a mother of her 2 step sons Chris and PJ and her baby girl Olive. In 2013 Indica suffered from severe suicidal depression, constant fatigue, a rash all over her body and poor gut health. Indica was severely addicted to food and suffered from binge eating from a very early age. Her addiction to food was keeping her in terrible mental health, but her poor mental health was keeping her in the cycle of using food as an emotional suppressant and as a drug. One day in early 2013 she decided she needed to make a change before her health got even worse. She starting looking into a raw foods lifestyle and researched as much as she could. After realizing what raw foods, especially fruit, could do for her body she jumped right in! First eating rawtill4 and then moving into fully raw, Indica healed herself from her depression, fatigue, rash and poor gut health. Inidca overcame her binge eating and food addiction through raw foods, dealing with emotional baggage, change of self-image, finding self-love and so much more. She also got into weight lifting and put on over 10 pounds of muscle eating raw foods, fruit-based diet. Now she is a raw vegan mom who had a healthy, vegan pregnancy and is still breastfeeding her daughter while eating a raw foods diet. Indica is passionate about raising healthy and happy children, being vegan, working out and helping others overcome food addiction, binge eating, and emotional eating. Indica is a health coach and fitness trainer and has over 4 years of experience coaching others to help them become healthy, happy and fit. She specializes in helping others overcome food addiction and disordered eating through special techniques, steps, mental exercises, and a nutritious diet. With her combined schooling, self-education and personal experience, Indica is sure to help you get where you need to go! 

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