FREE 3 Day Raw Food and Fitness Challenge

Hosted by Fruit Muscle Fitness
Start date: December 16th

Have you been interested in going raw but don't know where to start? Our FREE 3 Day Raw Food and Fitness Challenge will help provide you with the kickstart you need to begin this new lifestyle. 

We have 12+combined years of experience eating a plant-based diet high in raw foods and we are so confident in this lifestyle that we want to share the knowledge and information we have gained over the years with as many people as we possibly can, which is why we created this free 3-day challenge. We believe everyone deserves to feel their absolute best. 

What's included?

1. Three Day Raw Vegan Meal Plan with 9 delicious raw vegan recipes

2. Three follow-along workout videos

3. Three Day grocery list

4. Three live coaching videos

5. Daily support and motivation via our Fruit Muscle Fitness facebook group

How does it work?

1. Enter your email below. 

2. On December 11th you will receive the ebook and all information needed for this free 3-day challenge via the email you provided so you can get prepared for the challenge.

3. Starting December 16th we will host a live coaching video each day for the 3 days, be available

for all of your questions/concerns and you will start the challenge along with a large group of others doing the challenge right along with you. 

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