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Our mission is to help others gain health, vitality, and energy via a plant-based diet high in raw foods. We believe that achieving your fitness goals doesn't have to be difficult or physically and mentally taxing. We want to provide others with a sustainable and healthy way to look and feel their best. We believe in the power of raw fruits and vegetables and simple cooked plant-based foods and what they can do for you and your body! We have both overcome many health issues and obstacles because of this way of eating and want to help others feel as good as we do. We have created many ebooks and program that will help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.


Mariana Salamanca

  I want to thank you Indica and Phillip for taking your time to help others get started in this raw vegan lifestyle, what you do is so important and can change the world in such a positive way. Seriously, thank you so much for being there every step of the way supporting us in this journey! It makes everything so much fluid and stress-free."


I could not be more grateful for this challenge, thank you for having me be part of it. I loved all of the delicious recipes, workouts, and support throughout. I changed my diet to primarily plant based last year and have been working to transition to fully vegan. This challenge gave me the tools to sustain a healthy vegan lifestyle, and I've already experienced an increase in energy and improved digestion.

Samanth Lee

I absolutely loved the challenge. I am now able to incorporate healthier fruit based raw meals into my already vegan diet. I have more energy, I feel lighter and better for it. I love the variety of tasty recipes that I will now use for life. Philip and Indica have been fantastic support and I recommend the challenge to anyone wanting to take charge of their health.

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